5 Myths about Travel to Cuba

Trump has barred travel to Cuba: FALSE!
President Trump did not reverse President Obama’s Cuban policy. Trump will uphold the existing policy, with the addition of a few restrictions, of these additions, none will prohibit travel to Cuba.
    Individual Travel to Cuba has been disallowed: TRUE! 
    While it is illegal to travel independently to Cuba, there are still opportunities for individual travelers to make their journeys. Single persons seeking to travel to Cuba may opt for joining a “People to People Program,” which by law, must be designed by a US provider that insures that travelers will be accompanied by a representative from the organization.

    Changes to Cuba Sanctions Program are now active: FALSE!
    Per Trump’s June 16th announcement of changes to Cuba Sanctions will not be implemented until 90 days after the President’s statement was made(June 16, 2017), however, tourism to Cuba under Obama’s travel policy is curretly being upheld and will continue to be upheld through September 2017.

    People-to-People Travel is cancelled: FALSE!
    People-to-People travel is not cancelled but it is restricted. As an individual you must join a program that contains a full itinerary of meaningful activities and are accompanied by a representative from said program’s organization.

    Existing travel plans to Cuba must be cancelled: FALSE!
    Travel plans made prior to the June 16th, 2017 announcement are still valid and will be permitted under the existing policy.

    *All information above has been provided by the U.S. Department of the Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) - June 2017