Cuba Photography Tips by Ian Barin


Travel photographer and Instagram influencer, Ian Barin (@ianbarin), shares his experience participating in Hasta Cuba’s nine-day “Dreaming of Cuba” tour.

As someone who loves to travel, Cuba has been at the top of my list ever since the country became an option for Americans to visit. Even more so, as a photographer I knew Cuba would be a colorful wonderland full of photo opportunities every step of the way… and that it was. From the bustling cities of Havana and Trinidad to the breathtaking landscapes of Vinales and the Bay of Pigs, Cuba proved to be visually exciting and culturally enticing. Here a short guide to photographing all the beauty found in Cuba!

Saturation Overload

Have you ever been to a place so full of color that it’s almost impossible not to take a photo? From the classic American cars that fill the roads to the colorfully painted city streets, Cuba is one of the most color-rich countries on Earth! There's no city that better exemplifies this than Trinidad, Cuba. With is cobblestone streets, vibrant city squares, and breathtaking mountains in the not-so-far-off distance, Trinidad really delivers!

Photography Tip: Take advantage of Trinidad’s change in elevation. Climb to a rooftop on the north end of the city, where the elevation is at its highest, or head to the west side where the city overlooks the vast landscape of seemingly endless plantation fields.


Hustle and Bustle

If beauty in chaos is your thing, then you will absolutely love Havana. The streets of the old city are filled with locals of all ages. Little kids playing games in the middle of the road, groups of friends gathered in public parks using limited city wifi, and old men sitting on their front step watching the day go by. Havana is for people who love to people watch.

Photography Tip: Head out early to catch the best light in Havana. The streets are often less crowded with tourists, but are still active with locals beginning their day to work or school. Plus, it’s nice to beat the afternoon heat!


Gorgeous, Naturally

If you think Cuba is all cities, think again. Cuba is all natural! As an agricultural powerhouse, Cuba is home to expansive plantation fields. Famous for its tobacco and cigars, Cuba also produces incredible coffee and the most delicious produce. Mango and avocado heaven!

Photography Tip: Get some wheels (or legs). Walking around Cuba gets you only half as far. Hire a bicycle taxi to see more of the town, or even horseback ride through the windy mountainous roads.. The more variables your environment has, the more creative photo opportunities that will present itself. Plus, it’s always nice to be off your feet.

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For more of Ian’s photos, check out his Instagram (@ianbarin)!