From Andres to #Irma - We Will Prevail

"Cuba is Calling", but this time to feel with us; to feel the raw emotion that is left behind after a natural disaster where only those affected are the real protagonists. The sea surrounding our beautiful island brings us incredible moments, but when its force is driven by a hurricane, the water is able to take away from us the most intimate and appreciated memories; from photos of grandparents, to family furniture that has been preserved for decades.

We can't forget those terrible winds that can carry our fruits that we have been labored in our lands with our hands for months, or the old tree that has lasted for a century witnessing history, or anything that was simply part of us and no longer is.

But that is not enough to bring us the future joys, the music and the spirit of solidarity of neighbors, friends and all those who accompany us with their good thoughts, and this Cuba is the Cuba that despite all good and bad calls to us.