New Cuba Policy, Same Great Experiences

I am so grateful for all the support and attention that myself and Hasta Cuba have received with the recent changes to the Cuban policy. The love has been overwhelming and we cannot thank  you enough.

What is going on?

After months of anticipation, the final announcement for Cuban regulations has been released. It has been such a sigh of relief to know that we are able to continue to offer an array of impressively curated programs with a focus on supporting the people of Cuba.

It is true that individual, “people-to-people” travel is banned, however, this does not mean that you cannot travel to Cuba with a group. I know what you are thinking; group travel is defined by huge tour buses, poor quality food, and no flexibility in options – an overall generic experience.

With Hasta Cuba, it could not be further from the truth. All of our curated itineraries were designed by our team in Havana with a focus on highlighting the private industry, with visits to their favorite restaurants and parts of the city – always with a distinct perspective. The best part is that our programs have complied with this new policy. Since its conception, Hasta Cuba’s goal has been focused on empowering the small business owners that are responsible for moving the Cuban economy and for the explosion of innovation.

Aside from offering our incredible curated programs, we LOVE working with clients to create even more unique experiences; This is why we take the time to talk with our clients to customize a tour experience specific to your interests and ensure that the program is still LEGAL and AUTHENTIC.

“Hasta Cuba exceeded my expectations... I travel a lot and never use tour companies, but since this trip was for our 1st anniversary I wanted everything to go smoothly without any headaches. I did a lot of research and told Max what we wished to do and the itinerary he created was awesome, the food amazing and our guide Harold was the BEST.”  Leona Frett

Price, Length of Travel & Groups

You may be wondering, “Is travel to Cuba expensive?” We can tell you that Hasta Cuba is devoted to providing you the highest value experience within YOUR budget.

Options vary from $500 per person, for a smaller budget trip of just a couple of days, to a $5000 weeklong, high-end trip spent enjoying top of the line restaurants as well as a private house with a pool included.  Average trips with Hasta Cuba are usually between four to seven days and are open to groups of all sizes; we are arranging travel for couples (even honeymoons), small families (big personalities), in addition to groups of friends. We recommend keeping the groups under 10, to best offer a truly immersive, authentic experience, but as in line with the popular Cuban expression, “Resolver,” we can make anything happen! Your imagination is the only limiting factor.

One of the most affordable and exhilarating ways to travel with Hasta Cuba is through our public group trips that allow you to join other interesting people from around the United States to experience the magic of Cuba on one of our most beloved itineraries – we are always thrilled to see what the mix of people will be like on these programs.

Typical Day in Havana

Start each morning with a homemade breakfast, accompanied by the essential Cuban coffee and prepared by your host at your own Casa Particulares. After breakfast, head out to Havana Vieja, for a walking tour led by your Hasta Cuba guide. Each of our guides has had years of experience leading tours and is an authority on the area’s history and happenings. A large portion of the the Havana Vieja neighborhood is inhabited by local Cubans bustling through the busy streets all around as you navigate the area. Pop into the favorite neighboring farmer’s markets, or visit the design gallery organized by local artists – friends and supporters of Hasta Cuba.

If you believe in the importance of gaining perspective, we will gladly take you to top of the early 20th Century Edificio Gómez Vila – The Plaza Vieja’s tallest building. While here, you can take a look through the infamous Camera Obscura to get a 360-degree view of Havana, projected into a dark room in real-time.

After strolling through the historic streets, lunch will be served at a traditional Cuban restaurant. Because importation is quite limited, nearly all restaurants are “Farm-to-Table,” and feature seasonal specialties. No matter the dish you select, rice and beans will most likely accompany it. A particularly popular dish is, “Moros y Christianos,” translated to “Black & White,” includes this staple of rice and beans mixed together. Hasta Cuba works extensively with a group of restaurants to find what culinary masterpieces are being offered on the menu each day! After lunch, enjoy some sweet air conditioning while you explore museums with local art experts before being led into an evening of Salsa dancing and live music.

“As a travel consultant, I am particularly careful about choosing the best guides for my clients. A great tour should be more than just guided - it should be culturally immersive, it should tell a story, and it should make the traveler leave feeling they have truly experienced their destination. Andres did a flawless job showing my small group around Havana. By the end of the day, we had seen and experienced many different sides of the city and its outskirts. Max's careful preparation combined with Andres's engaging personality are a winning combination. I am glad to recommend him and Hasta Cuba!” Rebecca Alesia, Smartflyer Travel New York City


So, what is next?

Hasta Cuba organizes all accommodations and delivers to you, a full itinerary of activities – all of which are in compliance with new regulations. We are happy to provide insights regarding flight and Visa arrangements. Additionally, we provide a 24 hours concierge service before, during, and after your trip! We are happy to advise you on exactly what you should pack (as varied by time of year), currency exchange (USD & CUC), and of course, local norms. We at Hasta Cuba are here to provide you with everything you need, leaving you to pack your bags and jump on that plane over here.

We love to set up an initial conversation with our clients prior to a trip, allowing us to pair you with the perfect guide, host, and adventures designed specifically with you in mind. Participate in the magic of Cuba and take the next step in your life changing experience – email me (Max), at, or give me a call at: (650) 740-9271.

A Favor from me to you…

Traveling to Cuba may seem like a hurdle, but don’t wait to encounter paradise – NOW is the time to follow your heart; Experience Cuba as it’s new wave of commerce thrives, not after. Join one of our many programs and invite your friends, family or colleagues to share in Hasta Cuba’s supreme travel options! Book your adventure with Hasta Cuba now, and receive $150 off of your trip – for you and a friend!

Don't just listen to me hear from a few more of our Hasta Cuba Family members

We just came back from spending 5 days in Cuba with Hasta Cuba. We aren't normally ones to book a travel guide and were a little skeptical, but Hasta Cuba offers more than that. The tour was personal and catered to our interests. From eating at hip new places, classic local places, screen printing, visiting art galleries and experiencing life as a local, our time here was perfect.” Tamara McCarthy, New York

“I would highly recommend Hasta Cuba to anyone looking to visit Cuba, especially to those planning a visit for the first time. From the first inquiry and throughout the planning stages, Max was more than helpful. He answered all our questions, eased my worries about the visa process, and altered the itinerary to cater to our interests and desires. “ Melanie Durham, Michigan

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