Packing Essentials

Hastacuba Packing Essentials

Your Cuba Packing List



Make sure you're not missing anything by planning ahead! We have you covered on what to wear and what to expect.


Think: Breezy, breathable and comfortable


Cuba's warm and tropical climate will have you reaching for those light and airy fabrics. We suggest sticking to loose-fitting cotton pieces during the day and bringing a thin sweater for breezy evenings. Keeping it island casual is a way of life down there, but there's plenty of opportunities to dress it up for a fancy night out.

Don't forget: socks, underwear, tops, shorts, pants, sundresses, hat, sweater, light jacket, swimsuit, towel, comfortable shoes and/or sandals, umbrella (travelling May-October)



Bring everything you need.


You'll be able to find basic needs like toothpaste in a Cuban corner store, but finding other more luxurious items like hair conditioner and makeup are much harder to come by.


Basics: Face wash, shampoo, conditioner, hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, razor, tissue packs, q-tips, baby wipes, band-aids, tampons, condoms, face/body lotion, sunscreen
Medications: Prescriptions should remain in their original containers with labels intact. Please bring enough for your entire stay. Don't forget your Advil, Tums, Immodium (if you're sensitive to foreign food and water).
Extras: One roll of toilet paper and small hand soap (may not be available in all public restrooms), hand sanitizer, bug spray.


Cash is King

US Credit and Debit Cards DO NOT Work 


Because of the U.S. Embargo, you won't be able to pull cash from an ATM. Though the majority of activities are included in Hasta Cuba trips, you might still want or need extra spending money.


If you plan on purchasing souvenirs like artwork, music, cigars, rum, and enjoying additional evening entertainment we recommend bringing a minimum of $100 per day.


A Little Something For Your Hosts

Never Expected, Always Appreciated


Small gift giving is an island tradition. If you feel inclined to donate something to your host, they'll enjoy offerings like chocolate, beauty products, t-shirts, small toys, baseball hats, etc.


Customs note: Don't declare any items you intend to leave behind as it could result in delays and possible confiscation of materials.



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