Traveling to Cuba: Here's What You Can Expect

Traveling to Cuba IS possible!

Here's how you can make your vision a reality.


It is 100% legal and safe to live out the Havana vacation fantasy you've always had. You know about the rum, the cigars, the tropical beaches and the vibrant music scene. We want to keep you up and informed on what else you can expect before you decide to salsa your way through Habana Vieja




Why Hastacuba?


We're not your average tour company.

Hastacuba and our amazing local partners work hard at curating unique experiences just for you.


You'll never have to step foot on a tour bus or get swindled by tourist traps. We facilitate a "people-to-people" program, which means connecting you with local individuals who well-known and respected within the community. At restaurants, we take care of the bill, handle the classic car rentals, and make sure your casa particular is up to our standards.




We're committed to supporting and empowering the growing private industry in Cuba, responsible for providing much needed economic relief for its citizens. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the places we show you, but we also want to make this a truly personal experience...


Love surfing? Want to get a tattoo? Into electronic music? Hiking? Art? We want to know what interests YOU! Our truly amazing Havana-based team is dedicated to connecting you with cool people who share your interests.


Hastacuba is a zero-stress experience.


What could be better than having everything handled, with a crew of dynamic, funny and talented friends who will show you around AND take flattering candids of you without having to ask?


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