President Trump Announcement on Cuba Policy & Hasta Cuba

Is Cuba still on your mind but unsure if you can still go?

 The short answer is YES you can travel to Cuba if you join an organized tour that meets one of the 12 Categories of Legal travel. President Trump is keeping sanctions on the Cuban government but is restricting the access to individual travel. There are still 12 Categories of legal travel to Cuba. The most common form of travel is called people-to-people and this will require travel with a U.S based operator. 

Hasta Cuba & people-to-people programs:

What is people-to-people and why do it?

People-to-people is defined as travel to Cuba with a full time itinerary of meaningful activities promoting the Cuban people. All programs offered by Hasta Cuba have been designed by Cubans to highlight the emerging private sector and promote independent businesses.


People-to-people travel with Hasta Cuba provides guests with unique access to people and places the average tourist rarely sees.  After a trip with Hasta Cuba our guests are left with a better understanding of the Cuban people and culture.  “Our hearts were touched by the extraordinary, collective efforts of a determined, resilient people” along with having meaningful interactions with Cuban people we ensure that our guests are able to really enjoy the beauty of the island. “We left feeling as though we’d had a truly immersive experience that still enabled exposure to some of the finest foods, music, natural settings the country had to offer.” (Danny Marquis, San Francisco)


What to do now?

Hasta Cuba is offering programs into 2018 and would love to give you the opportunity to join a preset program with fellow travelers or curate a program specific to your interests.

Schedule a call with Hasta Cuba founder Max Nelson at (650) 740-9271 to get started on this life changing experience or by sending an email to with your availability.



For more information on the new regulations visit the US Treasury department's website