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Hasta Cuba offers a curated experience highlighting the vivid transitional period in Cuban history, by connecting travelers with local experts and resources, and opening the doors for independent exploration.

How did Hasta Cuba Start?

Hasta Cuba started on a trip very similar to the one you are preparing to undertake now….

During the summer of 2016, Hasta Cuba co-founder Max Nelson was on a trip volunteering in Havana with Andres Gonzalez, who was the program coordinator. After a week full of exciting and meaningful work, Max and Andres sat down over dinner and began to discuss the exciting opportunities Cuba’s changing landscape offered both travelers and locals.

Max had traveled all over the world, but this was the first organized tour that he had taken part in. After his incredible experience, he recognized the value of offering travelers a curated trip and which simplified the struggles they normally would encounter when embarking on an adventure to an emerging country. Andres had countless incredible ideas for programs that would showcase Cuba to curious visitors, but had limited access to the foreign market.

Together they formed Hasta Cuba, utilizing Max’s travel expertise and Andres’s extensive Cuban knowledge and network to give travelers access into the life of the Cuban people. The goal wasn’t to become a generic travel company; Andres wanted to share his favorite restaurants, introduce people to his favorite artists, and really show off “his Cuba.”

Hasta Cuba is driven to provide a fully curated trip that will cover the basic needs of housing, transportation, and activities with a local twist while also providing guests with enough freedom to explore Cuba independently.

Hasta Cuba has been working closely with drivers, guides, friends and family to ensure that visitors get the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Andres González - Tour Manager

Andres González -

Program Leader

is originally from Camaguey in the heart of Cuba and has spent the last several years living in Havana. He is an architect by profession and his knowledge becomes obvious when walking the streets of Havana. In recent years, Andres has been curating trips to Cuba, he has worked closely with the non-profit industry, and is compassionate for his local community. He uses his vast network to provide an authentic experience to his guests.

Max Nelson - CEO

Max Nelson -


is a habitual globetrotter with a passion for immersing himself in foreign cultures and working with emerging markets. He uses his extensive international travel adventures to curate Hasta Cuba’s experiences, ensuring they’re always exciting and dynamic. He is based out of Oakland, California where he prepares for upcoming travel while also exploring his home state’s incredible landscapes. Travel highlights include: hitchhiking across Eastern Europe, celebrating the Khmer New Year in Cambodia, and volunteering with a surfing community in Peru.

Danney Torres - Cultural Manager

Danney Torres -

Experience Leader

is a professional dance instructor specializing in Cuban Folk dances. She was born in the city of Bayamo “Cradle of Cuba” and has taught dance classes for over 10 years to travelers from all over the world. She is a member of the teaching staff at various dance events throughout Cuba, including “Baila en Cuba” an annual international meeting of Cuban Salsa dancers. Her students say she is a dedicated, patient and understanding person who shares the joy and richness of traditional Cuban culture.

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