Hasta Cuba is an opportunity to enter a world that has been out of reach for as long as one can remember. As we have experienced, the best part of travel is connecting with the local people and finding hidden gems. This trip is designed to provide one with a local perspective along with a sense of freedom allowing for ample time for independent exploration.
By joining one of our curated programs you will get to take advantage of years of knowledge, and gain access and insight into local favorites while avoiding some of the challenges of traveling within an emerging country.


This company was brought to fruition out of the passion of the Hasta Cuba familia to share their country with the incoming flow of foreign visitors. After many years of the blockade, all the Cuban people want to do is have the chance to really show what it is that makes their faces light up and their hips move. Hasta Cuba draws on its extensive network of friends and family to provide an authentic Cuban experience. Every member from the taxi driver to the trip leader is committed to sharing his or her country and experience with you. If you are interested in learning about Cuba, imagine how the Cuban people feel... be prepared to have meaningful exchanges of cultural norms, history, and lifestyles.

Cuba: Past and Future.

The most common phrase we hear is: “I want to see Cuba before it changes.”

You are right! Cuba is now changing at a staggering pace and this is an incredible chance to see the transition. On this trip we focus on showing you the past and the future. For example, enjoying a delicious meal at government restaurants followed by visits to unique private businesses exhibiting Cuban innovation and determination. Will you be one of the individuals who get to experience this time of momentous change?

No internet, No Credit Cards, No Problem!

A vacation from internet may not be the type of vacation you were anticipating, but you will be incredibly surprised by the relief of being Facebook-free for the week. Along with limited access to internet, credit cards are still not accepted on the island. Hasta Cuba has designed the trip to relieve the stress of carrying large amounts of cash while meeting all of your major needs: housing, transportation, meals & activities. Just bring some spending money for gifts, extra drinks, and to spend on your free time. Dollars can be exchanged for local currency at several locations in Havana.